Token Offerings

We Master the Rules of the Game

Tokens as digital financial instruments are in the wings to establish themselves as an asset class of their own. edicto is the pioneer in the communication of token offerings in German-speaking countries. In 2020, we successfully supported the world’s largest tokenisation of a property to date, with a three-figure volume of hundreds of millions of euros, with an international communication concept, as well as the first tokenisation of a listed share. As a result of these lighthouse projects with high-performance partners and further consulting mandates with leading service providers in the field of tokens and cryptocurrencies, edicto has built up a wealth of experience in market mechanisms, regulatory frameworks and communication strategies in this field. We are happy to make this knowledge available to our clients for their own token offerings. Successful communication in the dynamic and rapidly developing crypto market needs the know-how, experience and network ¬†which edicto has.

edicto Financial Communications

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