Communication Basis for a Successful Bond Emission


Bond communication puts interest-bearing securities (bonds), through which companies finance themselves via debt capital, at the centre of communication. edicto is the reliable and experienced partner for a successful bond issue and initial as well as ongoing bond communication.

Bond-Communications – based on experience


For bond issuers, it is vital to call on an agency that is familiar with the specifics of bond communication. edicto has been accompanying bond issues on the stock exchange for many years and is also the communication partner for numerous listed bonds. Due to the experience by corporate bonds and SME bonds, the specific features of bond communication are very familiar to edicto from theory and practice – and a stable network of key players in the industry opens up numerous communication channels. This forms the solid communication basis for a successful bond issue. edicto has provided support for corporate bonds from a wide variety of sectors even before the boom in SME bonds began. Accordingly, edicto has excellent expertise in bond communication.

edicto Financial Communications

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