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Crisis Communications

In a crisis more than ever, good communications is key. Communicating openly and early will sustain trust while protecting the company’s interests.

This is a fine line, and walking it safely requires experience, communications skills, and a strong network of contacts. edicto has the comprehensive expertise it takes to communicate successfully in a crisis.

Each and every company can be hit by a crisis. One unexpected event suffices, and a company may find at center stage – and not in a favorable light. Thorough preparation for possible events, pre-defined process plans, and an adequate wording are now essential.

edicto is at your side. Ideally, our work begins before a crisis even hits. We develop contingency plans and catalogues of emergency measures, so that the crisis does not hit a company’s communications unprepared. But even if the crisis is already advanced, we are there to help you – fast, efficiently and if necessary 24/7, we are your professional communications support before, during and after any crisis.