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Sometimes, all theory is gray. The baptism of fire then consists of direct contact with journalists and investors. Or a TV interview, or a keynote or major presentation before a large audience at the capital market conference or shareholders’ meeting. Dealing with the media and with investors is a skill. One that can be learned and prepared for. You need to convince – not only with your arguments, but also with rhetoric, body language, and an attitude that suits the occasion.

edicto helps you prepare for situations like these. You’ll learn about the motivations and expectations of media and investors, and how to respond to them. We’ll also familiarize you with presentation techniques as well as the arts of convincing your audience and cutting a great figure. Our media coaching prepares you for dealing with challenging situations and probing questions, staying cool and focused on your arguments. edicto teaches you the basics lets you test-drive your new skills in practice scenarios – with the camera rolling! We work with professional TV technicians and share our long-standing experience before and behind the camera and as speakers for large audiences. Just contact us for a detailed offer.