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Mission Statement

Professional Standard and Quality

We provide our clients with top-quality services and deliver valuable results. We know both the media and the capital markets – from long years of practical, hands-on experience and through extensive study of concepts and theory. We leave the trodden paths whenever we find that there are good reasons to do so but never without thorough previous analysis and our clients’ approval. Our goal is to remain among the best in our profession.


Commitment to what we do and joy in our success are essential to our work. We do not stop thinking about finance and media when we leave the office at night, but continue to monitor current trends, network, and are approachable to our clients. We are a team that is still hungry, and we plan to stay that way.

Client Focus

Our services and efforts are aligned with our clients’ needs. That doesn’t mean that we always share our clients’ opinions. As active consultants, our task is to offer our clients added value through a well-grounded, independent perspective. In open, productive dialogue with the client, we achieve the best possible results.

Reliability and Sustainability

Our word is our bond. And the same goes for every one of our cooperation partners. Facing a choice between fast gains and long-term success, we choose the latter (but only if we can’t have both). We want our actions to leave lasting, positive marks.